Costas Lapavitsas: If the eurozone thinks Greece can be blackmailed, it is wrong

“If Syriza accepts such a deal it will be signing its own suicide note but also, and more importantly, that of the country as a whole. Greece must urgently have debt relief, a sustained investment programme, a boost of aggregate demand, redistribution of income and wealth, and profound reform of its economy, state and society. It is becoming increasingly clear that these are impossible to achieve within the eurozone, which insists on continuing with the failed policies of the past. […]

The only political force that could lead Greece out of this quagmire remains Syriza, which still enjoys enormous popular support. If the lenders prove intransigent, the government should examine all alternative paths. Those who think the country will submit to blackmail because it does not know how to handle the alternative are wrong. Greece can and will survive.”


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