Greece: The election is over, the economic crisis is not

“The fresh dose of deflationary measures in Greece’s new €86bn (£62bn) bailout programme, agreed in July after Tsipras folded under pressure from creditors, will deepen a depression similar in its severity to those that afflicted Germany and the United States in the 1930s. The Greek economy has contracted by 29% since 2009 and is still shrinking after months of financial turmoil. Yet Greece remains part of a single currency that has emerged bloodied but intact. […]

The danger is that the austerity conditions remain fully in force and debt relief is much less generous than Tsipras is hoping for. It will require an improbably strong and rapid recovery for Greece to meet the optimistic growth and deficit reduction targets contained in its current bailout deal. As a result, the likelihood is that they will be missed, leading to pressure for further budget cuts.

What does that mean? It means that Greece will be back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons before too long. There will be talk of the need for a fourth bailout and of possible default if Greece doesn’t get one. The election is over; the economic crisis is not.”


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